The Real Reason Why Andrea Migno Replaced Lorenzo Fellon in 2023 Moto3

If you are following the 2023 Moto3 World Championship, you may have noticed that many riders have changed at the start and during mid-season. There are many reasons behind those changes.

So, in this article, we will discuss an instance of such changes following the news that Andrea Migno replaced Lorenzo Fellon in the 2023 Moto3 Championship.

Despite Giving The Seat To Fellon For The 2023 season, Why Did CIP Replace Lorenzo Fellon?

Lorenzo Fellon raced exceptionally well in the previous season. So, after analyzing the potential of Fellon, CIP Green Power decided to hand over a seat in their team in the 2023 season.

The French racer Fellon showed his excitement to join the CIP team through his social media, updating his fans about visiting the CIP building before the start of the season.

However, things always go differently than the plan. On March 26, 2023, Lorenzo dislocated his shoulder during the warm-up lap. He had quite a lot of dislocations in the previous year as well; however, it got worse since the crash during the test.


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So, after long discussions and storming, both the racer and the team decided to decide between undergoing surgery. Lorenzo called this decision ‘stepping from one step backward to move two steps forwards.’

Fellon had to go through surgery and needed time for recovery. But the race never stopped for anyone. So, the question arises who is now racing in place of Lorenzo Fellon?

The CIP Green team announced Andrea Migno as the replacement for Lorenzo Fellon through their Instagram post. The choice of CIP makes the racing fans dilemma whether they make a good choice.

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Why Andrea Migno: Andrea Migno Replaced Lorenzo Fellon

As Andrea stepped more into the racing world, he proved himself to be the leading potential in the game. He improved his ranking from 22nd place to 8th place after moving to GMT racing in 2013.

The same year, Migno debuted in the 2013 Moto3 world championship as a wildcard on the FTR M313. After a year, he became part of Mahindra from the British series, replacing Arthur Sissis.

The motorcycle rider was part of various teams, including SKY Racing Team VR46 in 2015, Ángel Nieto Team Moto3 in 2017, and Bester Capital Dubai, the next season. He completed every season with an improved ranking and added a podium finish in his career history.

Andrea Migno replaced Lorenzo Fellon
Andrea Migno replaced Lorenzo Fellon. Image source; Instagram.

However, until the end of 2022, he couldn’t get any slot for Moto3, but at the start of 2023, he became part of the Moto3 world championship as a CIP Green Power team member.

Finding the alternative for Lorenzo Fellon was a difficult choice for the CIP Green Power team. However, the team decided to give the seat to the Italian player because of his potential prospect and performance in previous races.

The team mentioned how Andre is an experienced racer with 11 podiums and 2 victories in his professional career, justifying the reason for choosing Andrea Migno.

Did CIP Make A Good Choice By Replacing Andrea With Fellon

While fans were still wondering if the CIP team made a good decision by choosing Migno, the Italian racer stopped this discussion with an impressive return.

After joining the team, Andrea had to take part in Argentina the following week with the #16 number race. The Italian racer made an amazing comeback with third place at the Argentine GP.

Migno expressed his excitement by thanking the team for the opportunity and stating that the result was great.

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Fellon Recovery And What After That?

The French player explained his decision to undergo surgery through a social media post. He even updated his well-being to his fans and explained how he is taking time for recovery to be back on track with 200% effort.

The CIP Green team stated that Andrea would be replacing Fellon just for a certain time period, i.e., until the French racer is fully recovered and ready to race again.

So, it can be assumed that once Fellon fully recovers then, he will certainly be back in his position with the Green Power team.

Therefore, we wish Fellon a speedy recovery and wish good luck to Andrea for his further journey with the CIP team.

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