Who is Mark Aramli’s Wife Ida Aramli? What’s Her Role in BedJet Company?

Who is Mark Aramli’s Wife Ida Aramli? What’s Her Role in BedJet Company?

Mark Aramli’s wife. Image Source: Facebook.

You might have heard of Mark Aramli, the founder of BedJet, who was rejected on Shark Tank yet managed to make a fortune from his product. But do you know who is the force behind him?

Continue with us as we explore Mark Aramli’s wife and how her presence was paramount to his success.

Defining Tenacity: Mark Aramli

  • Mark, the CEO, and creator of BedJet, is a former NASA spacesuit program engineer.
  • He created a device to control bed temperature and took his product to Shark Tank.
  • During an interview, Mark discussed how Shark Tank once regarded him as one of their biggest failures.
  • Despite this painful feedback from wealthy investors, Mark refused to give up.
  • He mortgaged his house twice and continued pushing for innovation.
  • Today amid hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon (almost all five-star), BedJet is considered the #1-rated product in its category.
  • His success reflects turning failure into success by breaking away from external opinions for approval.

Who is Mark Aramli’s Wife, and How They Met?

Mark Aramli has had his fair share of ups and downs in his life. So who has been by his side through the twists and turns?

 Ida Aramli is Mark Aramli’s spouse and the love of his life. She is a practicing attorney in New York, and their love story is straight out of the movies.

On Memorial Day 2013, Ida was on vacation with her law school buddies in Newport. One evening they went to The Deck for dinner and music while enjoying the scenic view of Newport Harbor.

As they were hanging out, a group of men strolled by. Mark approached Ida and introduced himself before asking for her name. Less than a year after that encounter, the couple got engaged.

Mark and Ida were planning to get married soon, but as he worried about a potential failure of BedJet, he proposed delaying their wedding.

Working on BedJet had led Ida Aramli’s hubby to work 14 hours each day with no room for rest or leisure activities, resulting in weight gain due to poor eating habits.

Despite this change in her partner’s behavior, Mark Aramli’s spouse still believed in his abilities, which made them stick together despite his concerns about postponing their wedding plans caused by financial instability from BedJet not making profits immediately.

Ida has shed the title of fiancée and now has become Mark Aramli’s wife, and has also embraced the role of being a mother to their children.

The lovebirds share three kids, an elder son, and younger twin girls. Nothing further has been revealed, but by the looks of it, all of Mark Aramli’s kids are doing well.

We look forward to hearing more from them in the coming days.

What Does Ida Mean to Mark?

Mark considers himself extremely fortunate to have Ida by his side in such challenging times and holds deep affection toward her with immense admiration.

Mark Aramli’s other half is an exceptional woman beyond words can describe. Nevertheless, the journey wasn’t without obstacles.

Ida Aramli’s husband found it challenging to balance work-life, which took a toll on him, resulting in him transforming into an engineer who fixated on his workstation all day long.

There was certainly a point where this change could have led to catastrophic consequences for Mark’s relationship with Ida.

However, they both worked together tirelessly during those troubled times that too could tear them apart but succeeded in overcoming every hurdle thrown their way, eventually reaching the other end safely.

Every day, Mark thanks divinity for allowing them both successfully navigate through such turbulent waters, helping strengthen their bond even more profoundly than before.

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Running a Foundation Together

The Aramli Foundation, established in 2020 by Mark and Ida Aramli, is a non-profit organization that aims to assist children and families in need.

Its primary objectives center around the well-being of children and their families in Newport’s proximity, where BedJet is based. It receives funding directly from the BedJet company’s revenues.

With more than $220k worth of grants already issued for varied community support organizations thus far, The Aramli Foundation strives tirelessly to carry out its mission effectively.

Mark Aramli’s wife
Mark Aramli’s wife. Image Source: Twitter.

The couple has been devoted allies of the community and corporations for many years.

The pair’s efforts include serving as the honorary co-chairs for the yearly fundraising event, Taste of Newport, where they played an instrumental role in exceeding its financial goals.

Owing to their unwavering support and outstanding leadership qualities toward Child & Family services receivers, the duo was awarded the Community Partners of the Year award in 2021.

The Aramli couple’s story is truly inspirational and teaches perseverance and, most importantly, love. We hope the couple continues their excellent work and makes the world a better place.

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