5 Quick Facts About Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp

Sharp, intelligent, and beautiful. That’s how Blake Corum describes his girlfriend, Makiah Shipp. And why not? Shipp aims to empower young black girls through storytelling.

So, we will learn more about Blake Corum girlfriend Makiah Shipp, with our five amazing facts. We will tap into their romantic lifestyle while discussing their future plans for marriage.

5. She is a Children’s Book Author And A Civic Engagement Activist

Makiah Shipp is an award-winning author, speaker, and civic engagement activist. At 18, she was the youngest ever to be appointed to the Ann Arbor Independent Community Police Oversight Commission.

At 20, Shipp published the children’s book ‘Makiah’s Show and Tell’ just like the 20-year-old actress Tabyana Ali.

Before going to college, the young author was involved with the Rhonda Walker Foundation and Midnight Golf. As a high school class president, Makiah participated in several social campaigns.

Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp
Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp. Image Credit: Instagram.

Blake Corum girlfriend Makiah Shipp speaks on topics related to racial empowerment, education, and literacy. She makes sure to speak against social justice problems in the community.

While in school, Shipp started a podcast called Conversations that must be had with Makiah Shipps. She has received the Detroit Speaks 20 under 20 Award and the NAACP Best Female Freshman Award.

4. Grew Up In a Single Household family

Makiah Shipp comes from a single-household family, and her mother is disabled. She is the youngest of three children. Among the three only, she went to college, and one of the siblings completed high school alongside her.

Detroit native Makiah was born on August 21, 2002. She graduated from the Detroit Edition Public School alongside one of her siblings.

Makiah Shipp takes inspiration from her handicapped mother, Mauretta Andrews. She inspired Shipp to empower younger black girls through social service.

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3. Received Scholarships Over $2 Million

During her senior year, Makiah was doing sports and cheerleading. Moreover, she also played sophomore softball for a year.

Coming from a humble family, Shipp struggled a lot while growing up. She worked hard to get a full scholarship to the University of Michigan.

None of her family members excelled academically, which inspired her to work hard and teach other young people the importance of education.

Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp
Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp. Image Credit: Instagram.

Initially, the young activist wanted to attend Spelman College. However, she chose Michigan University because they offered her a better scholarship.

Makiah Shipp graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in political science and public policy. She completed the course in three years, in April 2023.

In a YouTube interview, Makiah revealed that she made over $2 million from scholarship money. However, she worked to earn an additional $15,000 in private scholarship money.

2. Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp: Made For Each Other

Makiah Shipp is currently in a relationship with her college sweetheart, Blake Corum. They both attended college in 2020 and began dating afterward. However, the lovebirds made their romance public in March 2022 through social media.

Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp
Blake Corum Girlfriend Makiah Shipp. Image Credit: Instagram.

Blake Corum and his lover always praise each other. The football star is proud of Shipp’s achievements as an activist. Meanwhile, Shipp never misses to attend her boyfriend’s football match.

On January 3, 2024, Makiah Shipp attended Blake Corum’s match at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Likewise, Corum praised Shipp for her journey as a children’s book author.

1. Her Boyfriend is the top prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft

Did you know? Blake Corum is a two-time All-American at the University of Michigan. He is considered the top prospect of the 2024 NFL Draft.

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