Who is Christina Zilber’s Ex-husband? Did You Know She Was A Former Actress

Who is Christina Zilber’s Ex-husband? Did You Know She Was A Former Actress

Christina Zilber's Ex-Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Christina Zilber, the founder and CEO of the beauty brand Jouer, has been talk of the town in the beauty industry for quite some time now. 

Here, we will be discussing about CEO Christina Zilber’s ex-husband. So, stick till the end to know everything about the businesswoman. 

Meet Christina Zilber

  • Christina Zilber was born Christina Naify in San Francisco, California.
  • Her father, Marshall Niafy, was a prominent figure in the motion picture and media industry. He served as chairman of United Artists for many years and later became the co-chairman of the board of Todd-AO.
  • Zilber founded her own company Jouer Cosmetics in 2008. She dedicates her time to advocating passionately for UNICEF.
  • She was inspired by her mother who was a former fashion model into creating a brand that’s effortless, classic and enhances women’s natural beauty.
  • During free time, Christina likes to go for hike, do yoga, lunch with friends and watch sunset in Malibu.

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Who is Christina Zilber’s Ex-husband

It is uncertain what the current marital situation of the CEO is, although there are clear indications that she has been married before.

Christina was previously wedded to Laurent Zilber; however, in 2007, Christina filed a Family-Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against Laurent Zilber. The reason behind their divorce is still unknown.

Laurent was initially a film producer who owned and served as president of Les Films Trillion production company.

It’s worth noting, though, that he currently works for himself doing market trading after leaving his previous career path behind.

It can be inferred from this information about Christina Zilber’s ex-husband that they had diverse career paths even as they navigated their marriage together at some point in time.

Does Christina Share Any Child With Her Ex-Husband?

In response to the question, it is confirmed that Christina has two children with her former husband – a son Emmanuel Zilber and a daughter Amelie Zilber.

It can be said that both kids have inherited their mother’s striking beauty.

Raising two children single-handedly may have been challenging for Ms. Zilber; however, she did an excellent job as they are now admirable adults in every sense of the world.

Christina Zilber's Ex-Husband
Christina Zilber’s Ex-Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

In conclusion, it could be inferred that the CEO takes immense pride in being a mother of two wonderful kids whom she raised with love and care regardless of any challenges thrown at them.

Similarly, this another article may interest you to know about Lovinah Skincare’s Founder, Joy Ekhator.

Did You Know She Was A Former Actress?

Yes, you heard it right. Christina Zilber was a former actress. Before establishing her own company Jouer, Zilber worked in the movie industry.

Christina has worked as a producer, director as well as an actress. She was an executive producer for the movies like The Item and starred as an actress in the movies like Cyber Tracker and Jane Bond.

So, it is safe to say that along with business, Christina also had a knack for acting and the film industry.

We would like to offer our best wishes to Christina Zilber and hope that her company Jouer would hit another milestone in the near future.

Published On: June 8, 2023

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