Jouer Cosmetics’ CEO Christina Zilber’s Net Worth: How She Built A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Only some people can seamlessly transition from one job to the next and find success wherever they go. One such personality is Christina Zilber.

Christina is a professional actor and producer who started her cosmetic company, Jouer Cosmetics. Here, we dive into the life of the actress and explore Christina Zilber’s net worth.

The Actress Turned Businesswoman: Christina Zilber

  • Christina Zilber, originally named Christina Naify, was born in San Francisco, California.
  • Before becoming an entrepreneur and establishing her own cosmetics company, Jouer Cosmetics, she was an actress.
  • In addition to acting, Zilber had experience working behind the scenes as a producer and director, serving as executive producer for movies such as The Item.
  • Her fan base grew after her appearance in films like Cyber Tracker and Jane Bond.
  • Despite finding success in Hollywood, it was not until later that Zilber discovered her true passion – developing a cosmetic brand that accentuated natural beauty without fussiness.
  • Zilber’s father, Marshall Naify, made his mark within the motion picture and media circles, where he held positions at United Artists, then Todd-AO, after many years of service.
  • When taking breaks from work commitments, Christina engages with nature by hiking trails or practicing yoga routines.
  • Catching up with friends over lunch or being awed by Malibu sunsets are some of her favorite things to do.

Jouer Cosmetics, The Company That Made Her a Household Name

The producer of The New Suit initiated her enterprise based in Los AngelesJouer Cosmetics, in 2008.

Christina Zilber relishes popularity as the inventor and chief executive officer of this cosmetics business.

The beauty expert’s products are loved by everyone, as Zilber values natural, effortless makeup that enhances a woman’s features.

Drawing inspiration from her mother, who was once a fashion model, Zilber aims to promote individual style with her cosmetic line.

Jouer provides women with high-quality, versatile makeup options that suit their unique tastes and lifestyles.

From subtle hues to bold statements, Jouer guarantees top-notch ingredients for maximum impact.

Furthermore, its award-winning packaging adds elegance to any vanity or purse.

Christina’s reputation as an adviser on UNICEF Board supports global opportunities for women in underprivileged areas.

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Zilber Has Worked With Her Daughter to Create a Kit

Christina, a mother to Emmanuel Zilber and Amelie Zilber from her previous marriage, has passed down her remarkable attractiveness to her children.

Being a single mom has undoubtedly posed challenges for Ms. Zilber, but she raised both kids admirably, as they’re now shining examples of adults in every imaginable aspect.

Christina and Amelie joined to bring forth Jouer’s offering – an innovative cheek-and-lip product known as the blush and bloom duo kit.

Their close association aims to appreciate beauty from multiple perspectives, such as inner peace, and use your voice for activism, empowerment, and other gratifying causes.

Christina Zilber’s net worth
Christina Zilber’s net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Like many moms and daughters, Amelie and Christina can sometimes irritate each other.

However, according to Christina, they quickly forgive as they understand that nobody supports them like each other.

Amelie also agreed with her mother by mentioning that collaborating with her has been cheerful and enjoyable.

It seems apparent from the statement that the CEO feels extremely proud of being a mom who raised two fantastic children through love and devotion despite facing various difficulties in life.

Christina Zilber’s Net Worth

The senior Zilber has had quite an exciting career as a former actress and producer, and now she’s rocking it as CEO of Jouer Cosmetics.

Jouer Cosmetics reported revenue in 2021 was $18 million, so it’s safe to say that Christina Zilber’s net worth is probably pretty high.

Various websites have listed her wealth to be in the millions.

While we can’t find an exact number online, Christina seems to be living comfortably based on her social media posts.

With the popularity of Jouer cosmetics growing every day, there’s no doubt that Christina Zilber’s fortune will only continue to rise from here.

Trivia and Facts

  • Christina named her company Jouer, which translates to ‘to play’ in French.
  • The founder of Jouer has more than 140K followers on Instagram.
  • Jouer Cosmetics has an extensive selection of more than 200-friendly products for your face, lips, cheeks, and eyes.

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