Find Out Cian Ducrot’s Net Worth: An Inspiring Journey of A Homeless Busker Turned Pop Star

Find Out Cian Ducrot’s Net Worth: An Inspiring Journey of A Homeless Busker Turned Pop Star

Cian Ducrot Net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Success can be different for everyone. The person who pursues the goal with nothing and faces all the obstacles to pursue it and finally achieve it understands the value of success more than anyone. A brilliant example of this success is singer and songwriter Cian Ducrot.

The journey of being homeless and busking on the road to turning a pop star was not easy. Let’s delve into how this fantastic personality pursues his dreams along with Cian Ducrot’s net worth and achievements.

A Small Glimpse Of His Career

Cian was born to an Irish father and a French mother in Cork, Ireland. His interest in music made him join musicals and drama clubs in school. 

Ducrot stated that he was illegally gigging and busking in Cork, as he was underage then and wasn’t allowed in the pubs where he was performing. 

Later, he started college at the Royal Academy Of Music on a full scholarship in London. There, he studied classical flute.

A trip to Los Angeles made him realize his dream of being a pop artist. However, living in Los Angeles took work for him.

After dropping out of college, he had £500 under his name, but he always felt like something good was coming even though he had no money, plans, or label.

Cian Ducrot's Net Worth
Cian Ducrot’s Net Worth. Image source: Instagram.

Luckily, his passion and authenticity for music were found by Darkroom Recordings, and he was in zoom calls with Darkroom CEO Justin Lubliner.

In 2021, he released his debut single, Not Usually Like This, followed by Crocodiles. 2022 was a good year for him. He peaked at number 2 in Ireland and no 19 in the UK with his release All for You. 

The music journey proves that he doesn’t lack any ambition. 

Release Of Albums And Singles

The primary source of Cian Ducrot’s net worth is releasing music in which he put lots of effort and ideas into composing and singing.

In 2020, he released his mixtape album Started In College, which consists of a collection of songs expressing his hard times and experiences with traumatic tales of those around him.

Similarly, in 2021 Cian Ducrot released his first single, followed by seven more songs, where mainly the song Crocodile made a lot of buzz from its lyrics about toxic and fake friends.

All for You was a major hit after peaking in Ireland and UK. This song has over 55 million listeners on Spotify. Later he released another version of this song featuring Ella Henderson which has 20 million listeners.

The Irish singer started to produce hit after hit. In November 2022, he released I’ll Be Waiting, which started to climb the chart of success in early 2023.

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Tours and Collaborations

Currently, the singer is going on his victory tour, and the tickets for his concerts and tours are selling wildly. Almost all tickets till the last of December 2023 have been sold out.

The recent tours were super successful, and Cian is in full gear to make his upcoming events successful. He has almost 43 tours pending till December 2023 in many cities of USA, Canada, and the UK.

The price of a ticket range from $97 to $146 per person.


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The songwriter has collaborated with other artists, increasing his exposure and visibility. Recently, Ducrot performed his song I’ll Be Waiting with Jonas Brothers.

Libianca Fonji, a Cameroonian-American singer, has collaborated with Cian and released People, which has over 14 million listeners on Spotify. 

Earnings from Social Media Add To Cian Ducrot’s Net Worth

The singer has his own YouTube channel where he shares his music video of the songs, busking, and other content. He opened his channel on March 05, 2009.

The channel has got 512K subscribers and 275 videos. He actively promotes his songs through his channel and has accumulated more than 146 million views through his videos.

Moreover, he reportedly earns around $69K to $1.1 million per year from his YouTube channel, although the amount is not confirmed.

TikTok is another platform that plays a substantial role in his success. He has got about 4.4M followers on TikTok

The income from these social media platforms has increased Cian Ducrot’s fortune at a higher rate.

Personal Branding and Merchandising

Cian Ducrot has built his personal brand through the authenticity of his talent, online presence, and effective marketing.

The singer has showcased his raw personality and music styles that attract the audience. Ducrot has successfully leveraged social media platforms with his regular and engaging content.

On Instagram and TikTok, he has been viral by interacting with fans and surprising them. Collaboration with other artists and influencers has brought him new fans.

The songwriter also sells merchandise through his website. Some items listed on his site are:

Item Price
Victory CD, Signed Cassette + Socks Bundle $30.39
Victory Signed Vinyl + Splatter Vinyl Bundle $46.86
Victory Signed Vinyl, CD + Tote Bag Bundle $54.46
Victory CD + Signed Cassette Bundle $16.46

Table Source:

Therefore, Ducrot’s personal branding and merchandising strategies effectively multiply his portfolio and wealth.

Lastly, we wish him good luck with his album Victory, which will be released on July 21, and we hope all his tours will be successful.

Published On: July 3, 2023

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