Sustainable Beauty DEW MIGHTY’s CEO’s Net Worth: What Sets Her Apart?

The cosmetics industry is not one to be known for its environment-friendly and sustainable approach. One company trying to change that is DEW Mighty, founded by Tiffany Buzzato.

So, how has the effort paid for the founder? In this article, let’s learn about the company and its founder, Tiffany Buzzato’s net worth.

DEW Mighty, The Company Trying To Change The World For The Better

  • It is a distinctive brand in the skincare industry, providing exceptional hydration and skin barrier protection while giving your face a natural radiance.
  • Moreover, DEW Mighty’s approach to sustainable skincare is genuinely groundbreaking.
  • Their formulas are tailor-made for every skin type and have been carefully tested by dermatologists to ensure no irritation.
  • What makes the brand unique within its field of beauty brands, however, is its contribution towards reducing landfill waste via innovative means.
  • Less packaging equals fewer carbon footprints as they promote slow-beauty practices aimed at long-lasting results rather than short-term fixes.
  • Certified by distinguished entities such as PETA and Leaping Bunny for strict adherence to veganism and cruelty-free production methods, all products are made in California.
  • Using ethically sourced ingredients also speaks volumes about their dedication to environmental conservation efforts.
  • Finally, with carbon-neutral shipping offered across all online orders, customers can join hands with them in exciting ways.

Meet The Founder of DEW Mighty, Tiffany Buzzato

The initiator and innovator behind the brand, Tiffany Buzzato, is devoted to offering concentrated skincare solutions that combat the issue of wastefulness in the beauty sector. 

Throughout all aspects of the foundation’s activities, Buzzato takes on a refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle approach with eco-friendliness as her foremost concern. 

Although knowing that there are still more sustainability challenges for cosmetic brands to overcome, the entreprenuer maintains a hopeful attitude toward what lies ahead. 

Tiffany Buzzato’s net worth
Tiffany Buzzato’s net worth. Image Source: Facebook.

The beauty expert doesn’t rush launching new products until they fulfill its principle sustainability standards owing to her unwavering commitment & desire for positive transformation within the industry.

The entrepreneurial visionary strives tirelessly toward driving progress by working diligently to create an environmentally-friendly landscape for future generations.

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Their Mantra is Zero Waste

DEW Mighty is determined to achieve zero waste beauty.

Their mission involves minimizing the amount of waste disposed of in landfills by taking steps such as carefully selecting suppliers and making sure their products are compostable, biodegradable, and traceable.

The landfill crisis is primarily caused by plastic production, which they aim not to contribute to.

Despite many brand clients showing interest in this cause, implementing actual changes seemed lacking, according to Buzzato.

Because of a lack of action amongst brand clients, she poured $65k – $85k into self-funding DEW Mighty’s development instead.

In its first year since release, Tiffany aims for a slow start with an initial production run goal of 10k pieces through Bloom, a water- and plastic-free jelly serum bar.

Tiffany Buzzato’s Net Worth

Although a relatively new company, DEW Mighty and its CEO Tiffany Buzzato have become widely popular.

It can be assumed that the organization has accumulated significant wealth during this time period.

As for Tiffany Buzzato’s fortune, exact information has yet to be available.

It can be inferred that DEW Mighty is gaining more recognition and achieving success through the leadership of Tiffany.

The beauty guru’s friendly disposition towards customers and clients boosts their satisfaction, which leads to positive product feedback.

Such publicity will increase sales and ultimately contribute to Tiffany Buzzato’s net worth in the future.

Trivia Regarding Their Charitable Deeds

  • The company contributed towards constructingHydroelectric Plant in India as part of their offset project during 2020 and 2021.
  • Other benevolent activities included donating to Project: Water, which develops wells in water-deprived areas worldwide, and supporting Midnight Mission, San Pedro, by offering meals to underprivileged people on holidays.
  • The organization abstained from participating in Black Friday sale events and paired up with The Surfrider Group’s Pacific Rim Chapter for the BLUE FRIDAY campaign against eroding EPS foam docks.

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