Clean Beauty Brand Undefined Beauty CEO Dorian Morris’ Net Worth

Clean Beauty Brand Undefined Beauty CEO Dorian Morris’ Net Worth

Dorian Morris’ net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Dorian Morris, the CEO of Undefined Beauty, has a goal to raise awareness about skin cancer within black communities. She aims to accomplish this by launching a sunscreen tailored for people of color.

Accompany us as we look into the life of the beauty expert and reveal important details like Dorian Morris’ net worth and her journey so far.

Dorian Morris, The Woman Set Out To Change Perception

  • Dorian intends to promote healthy and protected skin among all individuals regardless of their background or ethnicity.
  • In the past, Dorian experienced a skin cancer scare when she detected an abnormal growth of a mole on her side.
  • Despite her concern and persistence in advocating for herself, her doctor dismissed it by saying that as a black person, there was no need to worry.
  • Unfortunately, many misconceptions surrounding melanated skin often lead to late diagnoses and fatal outcomes from skin cancer, and Morris wanted to change that.
  • Morris’s new goal with R&R Sun Serum is to strive towards inclusivity within the sunscreen industry by changing its narrative.
  • Many people overlook SPF within black communities due to false assumptions about their melanin-rich skin’s immunity against harmful UV rays.
  • So Dorian wants to redefine the sun care category because prolonged exposure can cause severe harm regardless of one’s complexion.

Dorian Morris Has a Strong Resume

Dorian is well-versed and proficient in beauty, having gained vast expertise over time.

The beauty expert initiated her educational path by securing an undergraduate Communication and Media Studies degree from UCLA.

Later on, the entrepreneur enrolled at Harvard Business School to pursue higher education with a Master’s program in Administration and Management.

Over the years, Dorian has held multiple esteemed positions spanning different domains, including overseeing Buying & Planning operations for Macy’s, serving as Associate Marketing Manager for General Mills, and as Global Brand Manager at Kendo Brands Inc., among others.

In February 2018, Morris founded Undefined Beauty, a company that aims to make positive changes within the industry while prioritizing people-friendly interactions.

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Why Choose Undefined Beauty?

Established by Dorian Morris, this brand focuses on developing plant-based solutions that are affordable and inclusive.

Morris started her business in 2018 after spending over a decade working for renowned beauty and wellness companies such as Coty, Macy’s, and Kendo.

According to Dorian, the industry needed more genuineness, inclusiveness, and innovation, which inspired the launching of Undefined.


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As a founder with an objective beyond innovating products, Morris wants to motivate others towards living life based on their terms while challenging limiting beliefs through Undefined Beauty.

The beauty guru uses her brand voice to highlight why democratizing beauty is essential and asserts that beauty should not be exclusive or unreachable.

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Dorian Morris’ Net Worth

Dorian and her company have gained immense popularity despite being relatively new, only established five years ago.

The organization has probably accumulated considerable wealth during this time.

As CEO of Undefined Beauty, Dorian Morris would have benefited from profits and experienced a positive financial impact on her fortune.

Dorian Morris’ net worth
Dorian Morris’ net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

However, there are no precise details regarding Dorian Morris’ net worth presently available.

Despite that, it can be inferred that Undefined Beauty’s gradual growth will continue to play an essential role in elevating Dorian Morris’ wealth going forward.

As Dorian is quite friendly with customers and clients, leading to their satisfaction with the products, which might lead them to recommend others about Undefined Beauty to increase revenue significantly.

Trivia and Facts

  • Undefined Beauty currently has 11 products to shop from on their website.
  • The company’s popularity is unquestionable, with more than 21K followers on Instagram.
  • R&R Cleanser Gel is the most popular product, which costs only $24.

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