5 Things To Learn From Jason Behr’s Wife KaDee Strictland’s Struggle Story

5 Things To Learn From Jason Behr’s Wife KaDee Strictland’s Struggle Story

KaDee Strictland is an American actress who is married to fellow actor Jason Behr. Image Source: thekadeestrickland Insatgram.

KaDee Strictland is an American actress famous for playing Charlotte King in the ABC show Private Practice (2007–2013). She has been married to fellow American actor Jason Behr since November 10, 2006, and the couple has been blessed with a son named Atticus Elijah Behr.

Jason Behr’s wife KaDee Strictland has been working in the movie industry since 1999 and has experienced a lot of ups and downs along the way. The American actress has done everything from working for a local farm to speaking out against rape case problems. So why don’t we look at some of KaDee Strictland’s five inspirational struggle stories and learn from her motivating journey?

5. Comes From An Non-Filmy Background

KaDee Strictland is a self-made movie star since she did not have any godfather or family member who worked in the film industry to mentor her during her acting career. Born as Katherine Dee Strickland on December 14, 1975, in Georgia, she was raised by her nursing mother, Susan, and her high school principal father, Dee Strickland.

Jason Behr’s wife KaDee Strictland worked for eight years harvesting tobacco on a nearby farm while she was still a kid. She was recognized for her extracurricular activities as a youngster. The actress had never thought about pursuing a career in the movies before she took part in a one-act play performed by high school students.

Strictland started acting while still in high school. She initially received minor roles in cinema, tv, and stage productions, including a role in The Sixth Sense (1999). Then, the stunning actress started getting more essential roles, and the rest is history.

4. Parents Did Not Want Her To Go To Big Cities

KaDee Strickland, coming from the little town of Blackshear, had to travel to New York City to study drama and achieve her lifelong dream of being a successful movie star. However, it was difficult for her as her parents were unfamiliar with the movie industry and did not want their daughter to live in a big city.

Strickland chose to apply to Philadelphia’s University of the Arts instead. While she was a student there, she joined the Screen Actors Guild. Furthermore, the Charlotte King actress got a part-time job as a waitress at a nearby restaurant while doing an internship at a casting agency. One of her duties was to read lines at auditions for tiny parts in the local movie and Tv projects which eventually got her a debut movie role.

3. Struggling Days In Philadelphia

KaDee Strickland continued to pursue opportunities to appear in films during her struggling days in Philadelphia. Her acting career officially started in 1999 when she got a short role in The Sixth Sense(1999). In the same year, Katherine worked as an extra in the indie movie The Sterling Chase and played a minor role in Girl, Interrupted alongside Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

The 47-years-old actress had the chance to appear in other movies being shot in and around Philadelphia while residing there. Among them was Rel Dowdell‘s Train Ride, a date rape thriller shot in 1998 but wasn’t commercially released until 2005 due to financial issues.

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2. Her Movie Journey

KaDee Strickland’s first leading part was in the horror sequel to Anaconda(2007), Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. Variety magazine and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times praised the cast, including Katherine. Her following role was in another horror film The Grudge(2004). Additionally, she encountered her husband, Jason, while working on the same film.

Jason Behr’s wife KaDee Strictland started another project in late 2004, which she referred to as the craziest job she has ever had. It was a part in the Nick Hornby book-adapted Farrelly Brothers movie Fever Pitch(2005), a baseball-themed romcom starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon.

1. Movement Against Sexual Assault

KaDee Strickland collaborates closely with RAINN, an anti-sexual assault team. Her role in the movie Private Practice was assaulted and raped, which inspired her to start a campaign against sexual assault. Strickland contacted RAINN to make sure that her portrayal was accurate.

Jason Behr's wife KaDee Strictland
KaDee Strictland collaborates closely with RAINN, an anti-sexual assault group. Image Source: KaDee Strickland Birthday & Message Website Facebook.

Since then, Katherine became personally connected to RAINN by working on Private Practice movie plot and developing a personal connection with the organization. She has advocated for removing the backlog of untested DNA evidence ever since. In addition, the American actress now actively supports using DNA evidence in rape case investigations.

We can conclude from the article that if a person is ready to put out effort, they can fulfill their dreams regardless of their family history or background. KaDee Strictland’s struggle story has motivated many individuals to work hard and be better.


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