The Real Reason Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise Split

The Real Reason Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise Split

Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise Image Source: YouTube

The world of Hollywood never ceases to amaze us. First, we hear about something and think: Wow! That’s the craziest thing I have ever heard, and then boom, something even crazier happens the next day. Today we are about to explore a not-to-be love story between Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise that may make you question what you know about the razzmatazz of Hollywood. 

Hollywood’s heartthrob Tom Cruise has a dark secret many people might not know about. Tom is everyone’s favorite actor, but netizens say that the Top Gun superstar has made some decisions that many people consider unfitting for a person of that stature. How true is it?

Who are Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise?

If you told a fourteen-year-old Franciscan seminary student named Thomas Cruise Mapother IV that he would one day be Tom Cruise, one of the most successful movie stars ever, he would have probably smiled and told you that his desire was to enter the priesthood.

Yet, this sensitive, intensely devout teenager from Syracuse, New York, born in 1962, was destined to become one of the most paid and sought-after performers in film history.

Moving onto Nazanin Boniadialso known as Naz; she was born in Tehran during the peak of the Iranian Revolution. Her parents soon relocated to London, England, where she was reared with a focus on education.

Despite the actress’ early involvement in theater, Boniadi subsequently decided she wanted to be a doctor. She traveled to the United States at 19 to attend the University of California, Irvine.

There, Boniadi earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Honors. She then chose to follow her initial love by studying acting.

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Surprise! You Are Now Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend!

One of the most intriguing and little-discussed charges in HBO’s bombshell new Scientology documentary Going Clear is that Scientology Church allegedly hand-picked and cultivated a young church member to become Tom Cruise’s girlfriend.

Nazanin Boniadi was the “lucky” one, who was reportedly pushed into breaking up with her partner and entering a closely supervised relationship with Cruise—who, months later, went on to date Katie Holmes


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Nazanin was given a complete makeover. Her braces were removed, $20,000 worth of clothes for her were bought, and even her hair color was changed to Tom’s liking. Nazanin was informed that her makeover was part of the Church’s humanitarian mission, as she needed to look her best for meetings with global leaders.

Only when she was flown first class to New York, the actress learned the true nature of her position, which was to be the girlfriend of Scientology’s biggest celebrity. Nazanin moved in with Cruise after a month.

The Shocking Reason for the Split

The Iranian beauty fell hard and fast for Tom, but soon the hunk became bored with her and moved on. Tom apparently did not believe Naz was cut out to be his wife. He allegedly said that he would receive more affection from an extra than from her.

Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise
Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise Image Source: YouTube

Their courtship lasted barely three months, and according to Vanity Fair, Tom did not break the relationship with Naz in person. Instead, a member of the Church informed her. The beauty was heartbroken as she had fallen in love with the superstar.

Kicking a Person When They Are Down

Naz was unhappy since the whole incident had hurt her deeply. And then she made the mistake of informing a friend, who promptly went to tell someone in the Church. The Church was furious, and at that point, she consented to undertake punishment, such as cleaning the public restroom on her hands and knees with a toothbrush as other people she knew stepped over her.

When the Iranian was ultimately liberated from her imprisonment in the Church of Scientology, she had no idea what to do and was completely lost. Naz had a complete breakdown.

Following the event, Bodiani then pursued an acting career and has since acted in several films, including Homeland, Scandal, How I Met Your Mother, and Iron Man, to name a few.

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Nazanin Boniadi and Tom Cruise have never spoken publicly about their supposed romance. Regardless of Boniadi’s story, the Church asserts they were uninvolved in Cruise’s personal life and that the hunt for Cruise’s girlfriend never occurred.

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