Inside Celebrity Makeup Artist Romy Soleimani’s Wedding: What Romy Soleimani’s Husband Do?

Inside Celebrity Makeup Artist Romy Soleimani’s Wedding: What Romy Soleimani’s Husband Do?

Romy Soleimani's Husband. Image source: Instagram.

In the beauty world, Romy Soleimani uses her brushstrokes to create a canvas on the face where she blends colors and transforms texture into radiant beauty. 

In this article, we will look at how the makeup artist has filled her personal life with color, emphasizing Romy Soleimani’s husband. So. let’s dive into the subject matter without further ado.

Meet Romy Soleimani

  • The New York makeup artist not only focuses on the perfect makeup but also gives much more priority to skincare. She uses various techniques like massaging, pressing, and rolling to transform the tired face into a perfect makeup face.
  • Romy has added many high-class celebrities, including Alicia Keys, Cara Delevingne, Tracee Ellis Ross, Felicity Jones, and Reese Witherspoon, to her portfolio. Moreover, she has contributed to publications including Vogue,  Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, and Elle.
  • Futhermore, Soleimani gives beauty tips through her social media post and encourage other to have glowy and radiant skin through various descriptions and review of the products.
Romy Soleimani's husband
Romy Soleimani’s husband. Image source: Instagram.
  • Romy has shown her exceptional talent for Austra: Spellwork (2012), Prabal Gurung: Spring/Summer 2020 at NYFW (2019), and Ulla Johnson: Spring/Summer 2021 at NYFW (2020).
  • The makeup artist is not just perfect at her work, but she is completing the responsibilities and duties of other roles as a daughter, wife, and mother with equal effort and dedication.

Beauty Tricks From The Makeup Artist

You must have wondered how celebrities have perpetually perfectly dewy skin. The celebrity makeup artist has shared the secret to this perfect skin.

Moreover, her ritual is to massage the skin with a cleansing balm as it provides vitality and flows blood circulation to the skin. Great circulation is the key to getting the glow.

The next step is to take off whatever is left of the cleansing balm before moving to skincare. The New York makeup artist even carries her mini teakettle and muslin cloth for ease.

Soleimani thinks skincare is everything when it comes to perfect makeup. A person will never get the glow without skincare, so Romy always promotes skin preparation. 

As per Soleimani, if the skin is well hydrated, it gives the skin a plump and supple appearance, which even the best makeup can’t fake.

So, are you all ready to follow the steps and have the perfect plump and glowy face? Don’t lie; you must have even started the massage.

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Love of Her Life: Romy Soleimani’s Husband

Many people want to know if the celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani is married or not. If yes, what her marriage life looks like? 

Fortunately, we can say that the makeup artist is married to a businessman, Justin Meshberg. The couple got married on July 11, 2009, and are still together after many years of their marriage, sharing the same bond and love for each other.

The beautiful couple has kept the details about their relationship under rugs. However, if we look at the Instagram of the celebrity makeup artist, we will not just witness her amazing work but also can see the bond and love she has with her family.

It is not easy for both of them to balance family, work, and relationships all at once. But the couple believes that love is the only medium that connects all the dots between them.

Moreover, the couple is occasionally seen spending their quality time together on vacations.

More About The Family

Romy Soleimani’s husband is a board member of Brooklyn Community Housing & Services. This organization helps people to purchase their dream homes.

Furthermore, Justin is a family person who loves to spend his time and energy with family and friends. Romy Soleimani’s spouse is very close to her father. They are seen hanging out often.

Romy Soleimani's Husband
Romy Soleimani’s Husband. Image source: Instagram.

The beautiful couple is blessed with two daughters, Luna Meshberg and Marlow Meshberg. One of the most exciting things about her husband and daughter Marlow is that both have the same birthday, August 25.

Therefore, we hope the family continues to spend quality time together, sharing the precious bond and the beautiful couple uncovering many other milestones together.

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