Chris Harrison’s Book The Perfect Letter Has The Audience Hooked – 3 Reason Why You Should Read

Chris Harrison’s Book The Perfect Letter Has The Audience Hooked – 3 Reason Why You Should Read

Chris Harrison's book, The Perfect Letter was published in 2016. Image Source: Chris Harrison Instagram.

Christopher Bryan Harrison is an American television personality best known for serving as the ABC reality dating program The Bachelor presenter from 2002 to 2021. He also hosted The Bachelorette from 2003 to 2021, Bachelor Pad from 2010 to 2012, and Bachelor in Paradise from 2014 to 2021.

Chris Harrison’s book, The Perfect Letter, is another factor making him famous. He has written a perfect book about romance. So, keep reading to find out how good or bad Harrison’s creation is.

Introduced During The Show

The Bachelor is famous for its shameless marketing of new films and musical artists. It recently aired a commercial for the host Harrison’s book, The Perfect Letter, which touched very close to home. 


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There is a lot of talk in Chris Harrison’s book. It is said to be about a love triangle and a take on star-crossed lovers. Moreover, fans say that you might be ready for his book, but you weren’t ready for the book’s content. The book is said to be full of erotic romance, which left the fans and Twitter shaken when it was published.

This Novel Is A Work Of Fiction

The Bachelor show host might have considered that everyone should deserve their own fairytale conclusion as he is a romantic at heart. Similarly, this book is a must-read for Bachelor fans and hopeless romantic people. Chris took this book as an opportunity to examine love and its consequences.

Chris Harrison’s book is a fantastic debut novel for his first work of fiction, drawing his distinct wisdom and insights. This work of art published by him has several highlights that have shaken the fans. The book portrays simple themes such as romance novels, fiction, and also contemporary romance.

As the group date on Bachelor Nation was introduced by everyone’s favorite, Ashley Ianconetti, she also read some lines of the book. The steamy lines were more than enough to leave the internet shocked.

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Has Mixed Reviews

Chris Harrison’s book is a no-joke fiction-erotica novel. Not only many of his supporters but also the internet are in love with his work of art. Furthermore, Ben H himself is also a massive fan of The Perfect Letter. Apparently, Ben also revealed that he keeps it on his nightstand.

Chris Harrison's The Perfect Letter
Chris Harrison’s The Perfect Letter Book review in GoodReads. Image Source: GoodReads

From Amazon, this book costs us about 10 dollars and eighty-three cents for a hard copy. However, you can also read this book on Kindle for twelve dollars and forty-nine cents and for free in Audiobook. This book has a good review on Amazon, with just 4.5 out of 5 stars. With this fantastic review with 1450 and more counting, Chirs Harrison’s book must be unique.

Hopefully, Harrison’s book will get more good reviews in the coming days. However, whether or not this novel will have a sequel is unknown to the public. So we must wait for Chris himself to spill the tea regarding this. Overall, we wish the American host the very best and hope he shocks us more in the upcoming days.

Published On: January 23, 2023

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