Instagram Views: A Complete Overview and Best Practices        

If you use Instagram, you might focus on gaining more views because it has likely become a crucial metric to bring more followers and interactions. It has been found that Instagram will prefer views over likes in the coming time to show the viewership of the content and encourage marketers to invest more in video advertisements. A view counter will possibly appear under videos where likes must have emerged. Instagram views are one of the metrics that usually go unnoticed but must be emphasized to secure higher visibility and maximum impact on your followers.

What do you mean by views on Instagram?

The number of times a video or a reel has been viewed by users is counted as views on Instagram. In simpler terms, when any user watches a video on their Instagram feed or taps on a video from a specific profile, it is considered a view. This metric must be focused on more to track video engagement and its influence on the audience. Content creators, marketers, businesses, influencers, and individuals must all put in the effort to boost the number of Instagram views.

Why are Instagram video views important?

The importance of views goes beyond that of likes. This social media platform is now undergoing various changes to produce more entertaining and engaging videos that can be sold. As mentioned above, likes tend to be replaced by view counters in the future. However, the likes feature will always appear but only when the viewers click the view counter.

Moreover, the number of views your Instagram video receives is important for the overall development of an account. Other reasons you must put in effort to get a large number of views on your Instagram posts are as follows –

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  1. Engagement

Instagram’s algorithm ranks your post higher if it appears to a large audience. Consequently, it improves the engagement levels that include views and comments. This eventually helps in the expansion of an account. Several Instagram users have reported an increase in the number of their website visitors because of boosted views.

  1. Higher ranking

Instagram’s algorithm prefers the trending posts at the edge of the feeds of each user on the platform. This means that if your video has a larger number of views than others, it is likely to appear at the top of the audience’s feeds.

  1. More interaction

Instagram allows you to determine who views your in-feed video posts and storylines, engages with your content, and finds new material. Based on this information, you can improve your interaction level with the target audience. You can also give them special privileges as an appreciation token. Consequently, every post you upload can produce more interaction and draw the attention of potential followers.

  1. Enhance participation

The improved visibility of content brings more engagement in different forms as given above. The more users you reach, the higher the engagement rate. This is something that will help your business and individual profile to grow at an expanded scale.

Why can creators consider buying views?

The Instagram views offered by different social media service providers are mostly authentic and come from trusted sources. When you buy Instagram views that come from users who have actively running Instagram accounts, your online credibility and reputation will improve. If you are purchasing views from a reputable company, you will surely get verified views from actual Instagram users. When users find so many views on your posts, they are likely to follow you, which increases the number of users who see your posts.

Best practices to increase Instagram views

1)     Create shareable content

To develop a stronger connection with the existing audience and expand the audience base, create engaging and shareable content. When users find something interesting and unique, they will watch it and share it with others.

2)     Host a giveaway

Organizing a giveaway can help in increasing views and follower base quickly. However, plan your giveaway carefully and make sure it aligns with your social media marketing strategy. If followers are not your potential audience, they are likely to unfollow your account once the giveaway ends.

3)     Create Instagram ads

This is a paid option that includes paying a certain amount for creating your Instagram ad. In the Facebook ads manager, select the objective of your ad. Name your campaign and pick the target audience. Define your schedule and budget. At last, select an Instagram ad format.

4)     Collaboration with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is considered to be the most effective type of marketing. According to one of the surveys, 61% of customers trust recommendations made by influencers. Micro-influencers have 20,000-50,000 followers, and collaborating with them helps maximize views because they have a dedicated community of Instagram followers. Be sure that the micro-influencers you are selecting must be relevant to your niche and the audience.

5)     Post Instagram stories regularly

Consistently posting Instagram stories is an excellent way to get more views. It doesn’t mean that you need to necessarily post daily. Posting stories more often helps in making your target audience used to seeing and engaging with your Instagram content. It improves the possibility of appearing at the top of the users’ feed and explore page.

6)     Socialize with your target audience

Your followers are more likely to show higher engagement on your posts when they find that you are interested in connecting with them. Therefore, socialize with your target audience by actively responding to their comments and liking their posts. Follow back your followers and participate in pertinent discussions. You may also host Q&A sessions or live events. Socializing with the target audience not only builds strong connections but brings more views, followers, and shares.


In summary, increasing the number of views on Instagram is important for higher growth, improved rating & ranking, boosted engagement, active participation, and better satisfaction on the platform. Thus, if you want to increase the growth of your Instagram profile, implement the strategies listed above. When executed carefully and correctly, these strategies will benefit you with a significant boost in views.

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