Meet the economist Konstantin Tserazov: strategic business consultant and fintech expert

Meet the economist Konstantin Tserazov: strategic business consultant and fintech expert


About Konstantin Tserazov-

Konstantin Tserazov, an esteemed strategic business advisor, fintech authority, and economist, entered the world in 1980. His academic journey culminated in a degree from the Russian Federation’s Financial Academy, where he focused on «World Economy.» He then achieved a Master’s degree at the University of Paris 5 Rene Descartes, specializing in «Banks and Finance.»

Between 2004 and 2012, Mr. Konstantin Tserazov assumed the role of Deputy Head in the Global Markets Department at ZAO IK “Troika Dialog”. His exceptional performance and demonstrated leadership abilities led to his promotion to the positions of Managing Director and Partner. Subsequently, from 2013 through 2022, he served as the Senior Vice President and Director of the Investment Business at PJSC Bank “Otkritie”.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Tserazov demonstrated a profound level of expertise within the financial industry, coupled with an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional client service. His achievements were instrumental in propelling the growth and success of both organizations.

Commencing in 2015, Tserazov Konstantin has been an integral part of the board of directors for several of Russia’s premier financial institutions, including the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, NAUFOR, NFA, and SOVA Capital.

From 2022 to now, he has been dedicating his expertise as a strategic business consultant to various leading international fintech firms.

Upon departing from Otkritie Bank in 2022, Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov has contributed significantly as a board advisor for numerous prominent financial entities and fintech organizations within the CIS and the Middle East. His involvement has been pivotal in enhancing management systems, establishing sales networks, formulating digital strategies, advancing e-business practices, initiating innovative management projects, and initiating new digital product launches.

In particular, Konstantin Tserazov noted that Azerbaijan has all the necessary conditions for creating a thriving innovation environment and has a strong foundation for fintech adoption.

«In 2023, online purchases in the nation reached $11 billion, highlighting the growing importance of fintech innovation in the country. Almost every third fintech startup in Azerbaijan is focused on online payments, while another third is developing their own e-wallets or creating payment aggregators. These companies rely heavily on transaction fees for revenue. The remaining fintech companies focus on financial loyalty programs, payment kiosks, and other innovative solutions in the local financial market», said the expert.

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The Azerbaijan Banks Association has reported that the usage of AI-powered solutions for processing loan applications increased by 22% in 2023. This growth indicates the rapid adoption of such technology. The analyst is confident that the financial sphere, particularly the implementation of AI, will attract an influx of fintech startups in Azerbaijan in the coming months.

«One-third of the participants in Azerbaijan’s financial sector have integrated AI-powered solutions in various areas such as fraud detection, customer service, and credit risk assessment. Additionally, half of the participants are utilizing extensive data analysis. These advanced tools are enabling fintech companies to provide Robo-advisory services, with the total assets under management projected to reach $430 million by 2023.

According to Konstantin Tserazov, only a few thousand investors currently utilize technology for financial market investments. However, this number is expected to increase significantly in the next four years, reaching over 17,000 users.

His expertise is validated by obtaining market securities participant certificates 1.0, 2.0, 4.0, and 5.0 in Russia and certification and registration at the FCA, achieving levels CF1 and CF30 in the United Kingdom.

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