Zonbase Review: How It Simplifies Amazon Selling for Beginners

Zonbase is an Amazon research tool that may be used to uncover profitable products, predict sales, find popular search phrases, and monitor rivals. Although it is simple to use and has reasonable prices, it also has some obvious red flags that make doing business with them unsafe. So, in this article see the Reviews on Zonbase.

About ZonBase

ZonBase is a research tool for Amazon that looks at demand, competition, and keywords to find products that will succeed for your Amazon business. The ZonBase dashboard has 13 tools to assist you in overcoming any challenge in the way of your success on Amazon. From product research to sales optimization and listing optimization, each addresses a different facet of Amazon selling.

ZonBase Features

The toolkit for product research gives consumers all the information they require to decide wisely about their product research.

Product Research Tool

The first step is to do some market research on the things you want to offer before you even begin selling them on any online platform. Making the appropriate product selection for your business might make or kill it. Your winning product will undoubtedly bring in a lot of cash if you choose wisely. However, making the wrong decision could result in you losing the money you initially invested.


One of the most used tools in the Zonbase software package is ZonResearch. With a few mouse clicks, you can quickly filter through Amazon’s full database. You can use this tool to search their database of more than 400 million products to identify profitable items that satisfy your selected criteria.

Chrome Extensions

Using browser extensions is one of the most common ways to review Amazon sales data today. They are first and foremost incredibly portable and simple to use. Almost every computer can utilize it because you don’t need to install a big, space-consuming program.

Hot Products

You obviously want to know what the top-trending, best-selling items on Amazon are right now. The “Amazon Best Sellers” tab allows you to quickly view the best-selling items in any category.

The top seller’s list is undoubtedly a helpful tool for identifying in-demand goods, but there is sometimes fierce competition. Finding product prospects with unrealized potential is easier with the help of the Hot Products tool. With a rising sales trend, the Hot Products tool looks for the top 100 most awarded products. Furthermore, it looks for products with fewer than 30 reviews. The “Hot Products” tool can assist you in discovering underutilized products that are on the increase by integrating these 3 metrics.

Sales Estimator

Have you thought of any product concepts? Do you also know what those products’ ASINs are? Then combining them and using Sales Estimator is the ideal approach for you to make use of these basic concepts.

Sellers can use the Sales Estimator tool to determine how many sales a particular product makes in a given month. Simply enter the ASIN of the item in the search window if it is one that interests you. Additionally, you can choose the market where you want the data to originate from.

This tool enables you to foresee whether a potential product will have a large amount of demand. You can determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue it by looking at the current sales of comparable products in the market.

Sales Optimization Tools

Having a successful product is one thing, but experiencing high sales volume is quite another. Finding a successful product is crucial, yes. However, you cannot simply adopt a “build it and they will come” attitude. The work required to optimize your product listings must still be done. You must take this action in order for search engines to find your products.

Reverse ASIN

You can outperform your rivals at their own game using this technology. What is your process then? Simple. To learn the keywords they rank for, utilize the Reverse ASIN tool. Due to the fact that they profit from them, competitors typically preserve and safeguard these keywords with secrecy. With the use of this program, you can quickly locate these obscure keywords. After that, you can begin utilizing them in your product listings to get traffic from search engines. Additionally, you can use it to optimize the bids for your PPC campaigns.


What good is it to create keywords if you’re just going to put them in your listings and don’t keep track of how they perform? You won’t obtain any outcomes if you do that. ZonTracker, a keyword-tracking tool from ZonBase, enables you to track the effectiveness of your keywords and see how they affect your conversion rates.

You can also check the ranking of your listings for particular keywords using the tool. Additionally, it shows the monthly search traffic for any term that interests you and offers in-depth analyses that point out any weaknesses in your listing or keyword approach.

ZonBase Review

The finest tool for researching and selling on Amazon is ZonBase. Even if you don’t have any experience, it’s simple with FBA tools for sellers like price checking or competitor monitoring! You’ll be able to benefit from popular items that are currently selling well, making it impossible for your rivals to compete with you.

ZonBase provides the resources to increase the number of potential customers who see your products, whether you are a new or seasoned Amazon merchant.

Zonbase Pricing

Customers benefit from ZonBase’s pricing approach since it enables them to scale as needed without worrying about going bankrupt. For ZonBase, the pricing is favorable. It is not utilization-based like its rivals. In other words, you will always pay the same cost each month regardless of how many products you sell!

Standard Plan Price

Monthly: $47/month

Annual: $37/month

Legendary Plan Price

Monthly: $97/month

Annual: $67/month

Diamond Plan Price

Monthly: $197/month

Annual: $132/month


We hope that this Zonbase review has dispelled any worries you may have had about the reliability of the database. It is well worth the cost and offers everything you need to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.

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