The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players

10 most beautiful women soccer players. Image Source: Instagram.

Beauty comes in many forms, and the world of women’s soccer showcases exceptional talent and a diverse range of striking individuals.

These athletes captivate both fans and onlookers with their skills on the field. In this article, we present the 10 most beautiful women soccer players.

10. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan exudes grace, elegance, and undeniable beauty. She is an American professional soccer player who captains the San Diego Wave FC of the NWSL.

Morgan is often called the epitome of athleticism and elegance. No doubt, she frequently appears in the list of the Top 10 most beautiful women soccer players.

Alex was born on July 2, 1989, in San Dimas, California, United States. With her radiant smile and strong presence, she captivates audiences worldwide, both on and off the pitch.

Alex married her husband, Servando Carrasco, on December 31, 2014. Their first child Charlie Elena Carrasco was born in May 2020.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Alex Morgan. Image Source: Instagram.

Alex Morgan’s husband, Servando, is also a professional soccer player who currently plays for Fort Lauderdale CF in USL, League One.

9. Sydney Leroux

One of the most influential soccer players, Sydney Leroux is an embodiment of both beauty and skills. The Canadian athlete is the forward for Angel City FC in the NWSL.

Sydney Leroux
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Sydney Leroux. Image Source: Instagram.

Leroux was married to British professional soccer player Dom Dwyer. The couple was together in marital status from 2015 until 2021.

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8. Alisha Lehmann

One of the famous Swiss professional footballers, Alisha Lehmann is best known as a forward for the English FA WSL club Aston Villa and the Switzerland national team.

The beautiful 24-year-old soccer player is openly bisexual. Alisha previously dated her national teammate Ramona Bachmann.

Alisha Lehmann
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Alisha Lehmann. Image Source: Instagram.

Alisha Lehmann’s previous relationship was with Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz.

7. Hope Solo

Hope Solo is a former goalkeeper for the United States NWSL. With confidence and poise on and off the field, Solo is one of the frequent affiliates of the Top 10 most beautiful female soccer players.

Solo’s trailblazing presence in the game has left an indelible mark on the sport, making her an icon for aspiring female athletes.

The beautiful athlete has been married to her husband, Jerramy Stevens, since November 13, 2012. They have two children; Vittorio Genghis and Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens.

Jerramy is a former American football tight end.

6. Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani is a skillful Swedish midfielder who effortlessly blends grace and talent on the soccer field. She is a striker for the Italian club AC Milan and the Sweden national team.

With her striking looks and stylish flair, she captures the hearts of fans worldwide.

Kosovare Asllani
10 most beautiful women soccer players: Kosovare Asllani. Image Source: Instagram.

Asllani’s relentless work ethic and commitment to the game are a testament to her inner and outer beauty.

5. Nayeli Rangel

Nayeli Rangel, a Mexican midfielder, enchants fans with her elegant playing style and captivating beauty.

The athlete’s technical prowess, combined with her charming personality, make her a standout figure in women’s soccer.

Nayeli Rangel
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Nayeli Rangel. Image Source: Instagram.

Rangel’s commitment to promoting the sport in her home country showcases her dedication to inspiring future generations.

4. Alexia Putellas

Alexia Putellas, a Spanish midfielder, is not only known for her exceptional footballing skills but also for her natural beauty. She has endorsements from huge brands like Nike and Errea Sport.

Also, she has been involved with brands like Coca-Cola, Danone, and Banco Santander.

Putellas’ leadership qualities and dedication to the sport make her a shining example for aspiring players.


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Alexia plays midfielder and captain for Barcelona and the Spain national team.

3. Amandine Henry

The French midfielder, Amandine Henry, showcases technical brilliance and timeless beauty. Her commanding presence on the field, combined with her striking looks, make her a true inspiration.

Henry’s leadership and dedication to the sport have established her as a prominent figure in women’s soccer.

Amandine Henry
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Amandine Henry. Image Source: Instagram.

The beautiful player currently plays as a defensive midfielder for American National Women’s Soccer League club Angel City FC and the France national team.

2. Lauren Sesselmann

One of the most beautiful and talented female athletes, Lauren Sesselmann is an American Born Canadian soccer player. She is the Olympic bronze medalist currently playing for The Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

Apart from being a star in the field, Lauren is also a trainer, producer, and host of the fitness DVD program Fit As A Pro.

Lauren Sesselmann
10 most beautiful women soccer players. Lauren Sesselmann. Image Source: Instagram.

The 39-year-old athlete was honored by Canada Soccer in June 2017.

1. Sally Julini

Sally Julini is a 20-year-old Swiss soccer player who has been catching viewers’ eye lately. She plays for the French club En Avant Guingamp and the Switzerland national team.

Sally Julini
10 most beautiful women soccer players: Sally Julini. Image Source: Instagram.

Julini is best described as the new hottest female soccer player. She made her international debut for Switzerland on September 17, 2021, during a World Cup against Lithuania.

In conclusion, females are equally accomplished as their male counterparts in the sports industry. In addition, it is essential to note that girls act as role models in their communities.

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