What Viola Davis’ Book Finding Me Is About? Know What Led Her To Write Such

What Viola Davis’ Book Finding Me Is About? Know What Led Her To Write Such

Viola Davis’ book, Finding Me falls under the genre of biography and autobiography. Image Source: Viola Davis Instagram.

Viola Davis is an African-American actress and producer born on August 11th, 1965. Moreover, she is the only African-American to win acting’s Triple Crown. She has also written a few books. One of Viola Davis’ books that gained immense fame is Finding Me, which was published in 2022.

The book has gained good reviews, and people seem to have loved it. So, what is it about? Without any further do, let’s dive in to know more about Viola’s creation.

About Viola Davis’ Book

Finding Me spins around Viola’s life and how she has accomplished success. In the book, the readers will come across Viola, a little girl who apparently ran away from her past until she took the decision to stop running and face herself. Her tale begins in a shabby apartment in Central Falls, Rhode Island, and continues to the stage in New York and beyond. The book also showcases Viola Davis’ voice in a world that didn’t always see her.


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Finding Me tells how Viola’s eyes were opened to the truth and how we must constantly reinvent ourselves in order to survive in this chaotic and judgmental society. Viola Davis’ book is for everyone who is in need and scrabbling through foggy memories in an effort to find some measure of self-love. It also mainly focuses on anyone who needs to be reminded that life is worth living.

What Inspired Her To Write This Book?

Reading the book, it is clear that Viola Davis was inspired to write it by herself. She reveals that Finding Me is an in-depth reflection, a vow, and a kind of love letter to oneself. Her desire is for people to get motivated by her tale and start exploring their own artistic expression and rediscover the person they are.

Futhermore, Viola stated that it was a vulnerable experience to relive the circumstances as she wrote and spoke about the book. However, it also inspired her to rejoice in the things she was able to remember. More significantly, Viola Davis’ book helped her develop critical insights about herself.

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Reviews On This Book

Finding Me falls under the genre of autobiography. Not only do many of her fans and supporters love this book, but also the internet is in love with his work of art. Readers can purchase a physical copy of this book from Amazon for roughly around $18.48. However, you can also download this book for free as an audiobook or read it for $14.99 on Kindle.

Viola Davis' Book
Viola Davis’ was inspired to write this book by herself. Image Source: GoodReads.com

This book got a favorable review on Amazon with just 4.8 out of 5 stars. This outstanding review has 14,167 global ratings and counting. However, on Goodreads, the reviews are slightly off, but a still glowing recommendation with community reviews of 4.59 stars out of 5. This review has 40,084 ratings with 5,800 reviews and counting. This proves that not only Viola is a fantastic actress but also an outstanding writer and author. With such glowy reviews, Viola Davis’ book must be unique.

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Maybe Viola Davis’ creation will receive more favorable reviews in the upcoming days. However, the general audience needs to be made aware of whether or not this book will have a sequel. Therefore, we must wait for Viola herself to reveal all about this information to the internet. Overall, we wish the African-American actress the best and hope she continues to surprise us more in the coming days.

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