Why Is Syndicate’s Twitch Stats So High? 5 Reasons Behind His Fame

Why Is Syndicate’s Twitch Stats So High? 5 Reasons Behind His Fame

Syndicate's full name is Thomas George Cassell. Image Source: Syndicate Instagram.

Trigger Warning: Contains descriptions of sexual assault

Famously known as Syndicate, Thomas George Cassell was born on 23 June 1993. Thomas is an English man who streams on Youtube and Twitch. Cassell, a Manchester native, had a passion for a career in the gaming sector.

Syndicate created the TheSyndicateProject gaming channel, where he eventually gained success and a sizable online audience. So follow along and learn why Syndicate’s Twitch stats are so high.

5. How Is Syndicate’s Twitch Stats So High?

Syndicate was brought into the limelight thanks to his amazing, god-level skills in playing the e-games. Thomas loved gaming so much that he even bought gaming equipment using his money from McDonald’s paycheck. Furthermore, Cassell created TheSyndicateProject in his gaming channel on September 3. 2010


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That’s where he eventually gained success and a sizable online following. Later he signed a contract with Activision, the company that develops Call Of Duty(COD), and with Multi-Channel Network (MCN) to monetize his material. These contracts also made his online personality recognized and grew the amount of viewership. Later on, after he pursued vlogging, it helped him gain more fame.

4. Has Been Mentioned In The Forbes

Cassell received nominations for YouTube Gamer and Best in Gaming at the 2012 Golden Joystick Awards and the 9th Shorty Awards, respectively. In addition, he received a nomination for Best British Vlogger at the 2014 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. In addition, he has been mentioned in Forbes, where he was named one of the top gaming influencers in 2017.

Syndicate Twitch Stats
Cassell garnered one billion views in late 2013. Image Source: Syndicate Instagram.

Furthermore, Syndicate’s gaming YouTube channel has 9.69 million subscribers and 2.1 billion views as of January 2023. Along with his life vlogs, he also uploads gaming videos. Syndicate has an A+ grade as per Social Blade and has over 3 million followers on Twitch as of January 2023.

3. Cassell Co-founded An Entertainment Firm

Along with former Machinima executives Angelo Pullen and Luke Stepleton, Cassell co-founded the entertainment firm 3BlackDot in 2013 with YouTubers Evan Fong and Adam Montoya. Furthermore, in an interview with TubeFilter, he admitted that the experience was quite insane and a significant thing for him.

Additionally, Rob Waugh said Cassell got more viewers than popular TV programs like EastEnders. For example, 9.69 million people and counting are subscribers to Cassell’s gaming channel. All thanks to his fame, he received several sponsorships, which gave him free travel and gear. It helped him vlog between his residences in the UK and LA.

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2.  Was A Judge For The British Academy Games Awards.

When Thomas took a trip to the US in 2011, Syndicate co-founded a clothing business that is run by his mother and sister. Moreover, he appeared in the mobile game Zombie Killer Squad and was appointed a judge for the British Academy Games Awards.

Furthermore, Syndicated was featured in the Minecraft: Into the Nether documentary film and the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy, featuring Cassell as Loki’s voice actor. Having such many significant accomplishments, no wonder Syndicate’s twitch stats are so high.

1. Was Accused Of Sexual Assault

As part of the MeToo movement, Natalie Casanova and Kaitlin Witcher, Cassell’s ex-girlfriend, accused him of sexual assault in June 2020. According to Casanova, the incident occurred in 2016, when he allegedly denied her request to use contraceptives while having intercourse. Natalie claimed that the next day, a member of Cassell’s staff delivered her a morning-after pill.

Likewise, Witcher said that throughout their relationship, he allegedly harassed and assaulted her. On the other hand, Cassell denied the claims and called it a character assassination through social media. He said that Casanova had consented to take the pill and that the sex was consensual. He further stated that he had respected Witcher’s personal boundaries in relation to his statement.

Overall, Thomas seems to be doing very well in life. He must be living a comfortable lifestyle, along with his family. We hope that Syndicate’s twitch stats will increase more in the future.

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